Look-Out Garden City

Europan 11 Competition Würzburg 2011, shortlisted

with Ines Lauer

Housing project on former US army area.

Report of the local jury:

"The project pursues a strong strategic approach for the future development of the Hubland area. The concept is embedded in a variety of attractive open spaces and special location on the high plateau, with a clear urban planning structure using simple rules and great flexibility. North-south-oriented strips of development of different depths are to be constructed with low-rise buildings or high-density tower block with attractive views to the landscaped areas. The urban planning concept features a good network of building masses which permits an attractive differentiation of the building typologies. The tower blocks orientated partly to Rottendorfer Straße and partly to the park create space and prestige value on both sides.
Due to the arrangement and orientation of the buildings taking into account the respective topographical situation, equal qualities exist throughout the neighbourhood.
The individual dwelling units have clearly organised and marketable floor plans.

Overall the proposal constitutes a coherent, robust concept which can be flexibly adapted to changing needs over the long-term and provides a convincing development of the outline plan."

Also published on Europan Germany website.